Straight, sleek hair is possible for Jen... can you get the same results?
Straight, sleek hair is possible for Jen… can you get the same results?

How To Straighten Your Hair – The Secret!

Creating the hottest hairstyles with curly hair can be a huge challenge. Now it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you have frizzy, wavy, or curly hair, it is possible to straighten it. I was born with extremely curly hair and tried everything. I tried what I thought were the top rated flat irons, only to be disappointed with the results. Nothing seemed to tame the frizz or produce results that lasted all day long.  Not to mention, the flat irons I used fried my hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and dull. I needed to find a real solution, so I set out to find one.

I ended up spending a total of probably two or three thousand dollars over the course of a year to find out what worked best.

Do Hair Relaxers Work?
For a long time I was always scared to try these, because of course you always hear the horror stories about how they fry your hair and make it fall out. Well, I was to the point where if I couldn’t straighten my hair, I was going to pull it out myself! So what did I have to lose, right?

So I set out to a beauty store which sold supplies to salons. I bought a box of for $50 and it was only one treatment. If they were charging $50 for a single application I thought it would have to work. I go home and spent the next three hours doing it. I even bought a separate instructional DVD which they sold to hairstylists to learn how to do it.  I first watched the DVD three times then I prepared to carefully do it myself.

About two hours later I finished. The reason it takes so long is that you have to use it in conjunction with a flat iron. It said to not get your hair wet for the next 48 to 72 hours. I waited a full three days before letting moisture touch it and guess what happened? It curled right back up! It barely did anything!

A month later I repeated the procedure this time with the maximum strength. I left it on for the longest amount of time allowed. It still didn’t work. I then went to a stylist and paid $150 (plus $20 tip) to have it done there. I thought I must be doing something wrong so surely they know how to do it. She promised me smooth and sleek hair, but what I was left with was barely a noticeable difference. This method was a failure.

Best Flat Irons Worth It?
Naturally I’m a total cheapskate. During my teen years I tried getting by on the flat irons you pick up at CVS and Wal-Mart. I would get the “top of the line” they had, but considering their product line, that’s not saying much! As I’m sure you know, the simple truth is these things just don’t work. First of all, it doesn’t matter if you spend an hour straightening – your hair is still left wavy and frizzy. It is so friggin frustrating! Why can’t they just make these things that work?

Over the course of the next three years, I started investing in the more pricier irons. I bought several different ones, ranging all the way to $300 a piece. And guess what, I actually found a solution! Yes, that’s right, there ARE flat irons out there that actually work and are not a scam! I finally found out how to really straighten your hair! True, you will be spending a bit more than those irons you get at drugstores, but trust me… it’s totally worth it! I mean to spend $50 to $100 more as a one-time investment that will give you straight and sleek hair for years to come? Most definitely worth it.

Here’s The Secret…
What you need to be sure and get are either ceramic flat irons or if you want to pay a little bit more, one with tourmaline plates. Why? Because when electricity runs through them, they produce negative ions which actually make your hair SOFTER, SMOOTHER, and LESS FRIZZY! So unlike those cheap store ones that hurt your hair, these strengtheners will actually make it healthier every time you use it! I could not believe how soft it made my hair. It was unbelievable, because I had the dullest, nappiest hair ever!


After years of trying to straighten my curly hair, I finally found what works. I created this tutorial guide to teach others how to straighten their hair, too!



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